Projects by Aple Lites

Aple Lites has successfully completed the following projects

Telangana Spice And Kitchen

Our custom lighting at Telangana Spice Kitchen accentuates the rich colors and textures of traditional cuisine, inviting diners into a culinary journey where every bite is a sensory delight. With carefully crafted illumination, our design adds a warm, inviting ambiance that enhances the dining experience, making it truly unforgettable.

Our expertly crafted lighting designs at Co Karma, Kondapur elevate workspaces by creating a vibrant atmosphere that promotes creativity and collaboration. Brighten up your office with our custom lighting solutions that inspire success

Co-Karma Kondapur

By The Bay

Our lighting at by the bay creates a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for enjoying fresh seafood and stunning coastal views. The fixtures are carefully selected to enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings, adding a touch of elegance to your dining experience by the sea.

At Karachi Bakery, our lighting solutions are meticulously designed to accentuate the artisanal beauty of their baked goods. By infusing warmth and inviting ambiance, we create an immersive experience for customers, enticing them to explore and indulge in the rich flavors and textures of their delicacies within a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Karachi Bakery

Nataka Bar and Kitchen

At Nataka Bar and Kitchen, our lighting solutions are carefully crafted to showcase the culinary artistry and vibrant ambiance of the venue. By illuminating each dish with precision and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, we enhance the dining experience, inviting guests to savor every moment in this dynamic and welcoming space.

At Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen, Aple Lites goes beyond mere illumination, weaving an enchanting tapestry of light that elevates the dining experience. Our ambient lighting not only complements the exquisite decor and cuisine but also sets the perfect mood, enveloping patrons in an atmosphere of relaxation, indulgence, and culinary delight.

Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen

Zythum Brewing Co.

At Zythum Brewing Co., our lighting solutions transcend the ordinary, enhancing the brewery experience with an ambiance that harmonizes with the artistry of craft beer. From soft glows that accentuate the tasting room's rustic charm to dynamic lighting that energizes the brewery floor, we illuminate every pour with warmth and innovation, fostering a space where enthusiasts can savor both the brews and the atmosphere.

At TX Hospital, Bj Hills, Aple Lites revolutionized the healthcare lighting landscape with cutting-edge solutions that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics. Our state-of-the-art lighting not only illuminates patient rooms with a soothing glow conducive to healing but also enlivens public spaces, fostering a welcoming atmosphere that promotes well-being and comfort for all who enter.

TX Hospital, Banjara Hills,

Luno Bar

Aple Lites curated a bespoke lighting experience at Luno Claridge Hotel, where every corner exudes sophistication and style. Our ambient and accent lighting seamlessly integrates with the chic and modern decor, casting an enchanting glow that elevates the ambiance to new heights. From the lobby to the guest rooms, our lighting design ensures a memorable stay, where luxury meets luminance in perfect harmony.

At Brewsters, Aple Lites has crafted a lighting design that perfectly complements their fresh and modern dining concept. Our innovative approach enhances the ambiance, elevating aesthetics while whetting the appetite. From warm, inviting glows to sleek, contemporary accents, our lighting solutions create an immersive dining experience that delights all the senses.


Old Tree Cafe

At Old Tree Café, Aple Lites has curated an inviting atmosphere with our meticulously crafted lighting design. Our warm and cozy illumination enhances the charm of this beloved coffee spot, creating an ambiance conducive to leisurely conversations and moments of relaxation, making it the perfect setting for cherished coffee gatherings and heartfelt connections.

At Urban Beats and Junction, Aple Lites has seamlessly integrated sleek, contemporary lighting solutions that not only reflect the establishment's urban-chic aesthetic but also enhance its dynamic atmosphere. From subtle, ambient glows to bold, modern accents, our lighting design amplifies the venue's vibrant energy, captivating patrons and immersing them in an unforgettable urban experience.

Urban Beats and Junction

Sanima Restaurant

At Sanima Restaurant, Aple Lites illuminates with finesse, enhancing the dining experience with bespoke lighting solutions. Our designs blend seamlessly with the restaurant's ambiance, casting a warm glow that accentuates every culinary delight. From intimate dinners to celebratory gatherings, our lighting sets the stage for memorable moments in gastronomic delight.

At Van Lavino, Aple Lites elevates the atmosphere with refined and sophisticated lighting solutions. Our designs seamlessly blend with the café's luxurious ambiance, casting an elegant glow that enhances the allure of their delectable offerings. From indulgent pastries to artisanal coffee, our lighting sets the stage for a truly decadent experience.

Van Lavino

S11 Salons and Spa

Aple Lites curated a lighting experience at S11 Salons and Spa, harmonizing with its tranquil ambiance. Our design fosters relaxation, enveloping patrons in a soothing glow that promotes a profound sense of well-being. From the moment they step in, our lighting sets the stage for a rejuvenating and indulgent spa journey.

Our strategic lighting solutions for Trinity Builders and Developers accentuate the luxurious and sophisticated architecture, adding substantial value and allure to their properties. By illuminating key features and enhancing visual appeal, we create a captivating ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on residents and visitors alike, elevating the overall property experience.

Trinity Builders and Developers

Quadro Leading

At Quadro Leading, innovative lighting solutions by Aple Lites illuminate the path to modern living. Our collaboration brings stylish and functional lighting to every corner, enhancing both ambiance and architecture.

Manvi Homes shines brighter with Aple Lites. Our partnership ensures that every home glows with warmth and elegance, thanks to our bespoke lighting designs tailored for sophisticated living.

Manvi Homes

YOLO Fitness

YOLO Fitness's vibrant energy is amplified by Aple Lites' dynamic lighting solutions. Together, we create an inspiring workout environment that motivates and energizes.

Aparna Luxor Park's luxurious spaces are lit by Aple Lites, where our lighting complements the opulence and grandeur of each residence, setting a benchmark in luxury living.

Aparna Luxor Park

Aparna One

At Aparna One, Aple Lites provides exquisite lighting that matches the exclusivity of the high-rise, enhancing every architectural detail with precision and style.

Bolleneni Bion's serene living spaces are gently illuminated by Aple Lites, where our lighting solutions bring out the beauty of natural surroundings and modern designs.

Bolleneni Bion

Health On Us - 40,000 sft Commercial

In the expansive commercial space of Health On Us, Aple Lites installs state-of-the-art lighting that brightens and energizes the massive area, supporting both aesthetics and functionality.

My Home Ankura residents enjoy the comfort and style of Aple Lites' lighting solutions, which enhance the community's welcoming and homely atmosphere with a touch of elegance.

My Home Ankura

Vishal Jewellers

At Vishal Jewellers, Aple Lites has meticulously designed a lighting scheme that not only illuminates but also elevates the allure of their exquisite jewelry collection. Our carefully curated lighting enhances the sparkle and intricate details of each piece, captivating customers and creating an enchanting shopping experience that shines as brightly as the jewels themselves.