Ongoing by Aple Lites

Aple Lites has Ongoing the following projects

CoKarma - Gandipet

At Co Karma, Gandipet, Aple Lites' advanced lighting system is spearheading a transformative experience. Our cutting-edge technology not only illuminates the space but also cultivates an environment conducive to productivity and innovation. Through thoughtful design and precision engineering, we're redefining the dynamics of co-working, energizing individuals to reach their full potential.

At Sumadhura Horizon, Aple Lites is setting the standard for luxury living with modern lighting concepts. Our designs are meticulously crafted to enhance every corner, ensuring optimal illumination throughout the space. By blending innovation and elegance, we're creating an ambiance that reflects the essence of sophisticated living at its finest.

Sumadhura Horizon

My Home Tridasa

At My Home Tridasa, our endeavor at Aple Lites is to curate tailored lighting solutions that mirror the contemporary lifestyles of its inhabitants. We meticulously design each fixture to blend comfort with elegance, enhancing the living experience within the residence. It's about illuminating spaces to resonate with modern sensibilities seamlessly.

"Iris Villas" by Aple Lites unveils a vision where premium lighting illuminates each villa, accentuating its architectural splendor and sophistication. Our bespoke designs are tailored to complement the unique charm of every space, creating an ambiance that embodies luxury living at its finest. Welcome to a world where light enhances beauty.

Iris Villas

Jaybheri Elevate

At Jaybheri Elevate, Aple Lites is poised to revolutionize the space with dynamic and functional lighting solutions. Our focus on modernity and style aims to transform the ambiance, creating an environment that resonates with contemporary living. Get ready to elevate your experience with our innovative lighting designs.

Aple Lites is diligently crafting a harmonious lighting environment at My Home Tarkahaya, elevating both its interiors and exteriors. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every corner of this prestigious development is beautifully illuminated, enhancing its allure and creating an inviting ambiance for residents and visitors alike.

My Home Tarkahaya

Mayfair Villas

In the realm of Mayfair Villas, Aple Lites is meticulously curating lighting selections to harmonize with the opulent lifestyle presented, guaranteeing each corner is primed for admiration. Our careful attention ensures that every space within this enclave reflects sophistication and elegance, setting the stage for a truly luxurious living experience.

Embarking on our journey at Magnus Majestic Villas, Aple Lites is installing state-of-the-art lighting systems to accentuate the grandeur and exclusivity of this estate. With precision and innovation, we're illuminating each facet of this opulent haven, ensuring that its magnificence shines through every corner, enhancing the allure of luxurious living.

Magnus Majestic Villas


In the heart of Kokapet, Aple Lites is currently illuminating Frontline-7, infusing our expertise to enhance this modern residential complex. Our bespoke lighting designs are tailored to elevate every facet, bringing forth the essence of contemporary living. Get ready to witness brilliance as light transforms spaces at Frontline-7.

Nestled within the tranquil enclave of Forest Nest Villas in Tukkuguda, Aple Lites is seamlessly blending natural-inspired lighting to enrich the ecological aesthetics. Our designs harmonize with the serene surroundings, creating an ambiance that complements the beauty of nature. Experience the perfect fusion of modernity and eco-consciousness at Forest Nest Villas.

Forest Nest Villas

Legend Chimes Phase-2

At Legend Chimes Phase-2, Aple Lites takes pride in contributing to the community's allure and functionality with our innovative lighting solutions. As part of this vibrant neighborhood, we're dedicated to enhancing both aesthetic appeal and practicality, ensuring residents enjoy a harmonious blend of style and convenience.